qr_code_dart_scan library Null safety


This class hierarchy provides a set of methods to convert luminance data to 1 bit data. [...]
This class is the core bitmap class used by ZXing to represent 1 bit data. Reader objects accept a BinaryBitmap and attempt to decode it. [...]
Simply encapsulates a width and height.
A wrapper implementation of LuminanceSource which inverts the luminances it returns -- black becomes white and vice versa, and each value becomes (255-value). [...]
The purpose of this class hierarchy is to abstract different bitmap implementations across platforms into a standard interface for requesting greyscale luminance values. The interface only provides immutable methods; therefore crop and rotation create copies. This is to ensure that one Reader does not modify the original luminance source and leave it in an unknown state for other Readers in the chain. [...]
MultiFormatReader is a convenience class and the main entry point into the library for most uses. By default it attempts to decode all barcode formats that the library supports. Optionally, you can provide a hints object to request different behavior, for example only decoding QR codes. [...]
This is a factory class which finds the appropriate Writer subclass for the BarcodeFormat requested and encodes the barcode with the supplied contents. [...]
This object extends LuminanceSource around an array of YUV data returned from the camera driver, with the option to crop to a rectangle within the full data. This can be used to exclude superfluous pixels around the perimeter and speed up decoding. [...]
Implementations of this interface can decode an image of a barcode in some format into the String it encodes. For example, QRCodeReader can decode a QR code. The decoder may optionally receive hints from the caller which may help it decode more quickly or accurately. [...]
Encapsulates the result of decoding a barcode within an image.
Encapsulates a point of interest in an image containing a barcode. [...]
Callback which is invoked when a possible result point (significant point in the barcode image such as a corner) is found. [...]
This class is used to help decode images from files which arrive as RGB data from an ARGB pixel array. It does not support rotation. [...]
The base class for all objects which encode/generate a barcode image. [...]


Enumerates barcode formats known to this package. [...]
Encapsulates a type of hint that a caller may pass to a barcode reader to help it more quickly or accurately decode it. It is up to implementations to decide what, if anything, to do with the information that is supplied.
These are a set of hints that you may pass to Writers to specify their behavior. [...]
Represents some type of metadata about the result of the decoding that the decoder wishes to communicate back to the caller.
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Exceptions / Errors

Thrown when a barcode was successfully detected and decoded, but was not returned because its checksum feature failed.
Thrown when a barcode was successfully detected, but some aspect of the content did not conform to the barcode's format rules. [...]
Thrown when a barcode was not found in the image. It might have been partially detected but could not be confirmed. [...]
The general exception class throw when something goes wrong during decoding of a barcode. [...]
A base class which covers the range of exceptions which may occur when encoding a barcode using the Writer framework. [...]