PurchasesErrorCode enum

Different error codes returned by the Purchases functions.





unknownError → const PurchasesErrorCode

Unknown error

purchaseCancelledError → const PurchasesErrorCode

Purchase was cancelled.

storeProblemError → const PurchasesErrorCode

There was a problem with the store.

purchaseNotAllowedError → const PurchasesErrorCode

The device or user is not allowed to make the purchase.

purchaseInvalidError → const PurchasesErrorCode

One or more of the arguments provided are invalid.

productNotAvailableForPurchaseError → const PurchasesErrorCode

The product is not available for purchase.

productAlreadyPurchasedError → const PurchasesErrorCode

This product is already active for the user.

receiptAlreadyInUseError → const PurchasesErrorCode

There is already another active subscriber using the same receipt.

invalidReceiptError → const PurchasesErrorCode

The receipt is not valid.

missingReceiptFileError → const PurchasesErrorCode

The receipt is missing.

networkError → const PurchasesErrorCode

Error performing request.

invalidCredentialsError → const PurchasesErrorCode

There was a credentials issue. Check the message for more info.

unexpectedBackendResponseError → const PurchasesErrorCode

Received malformed response from the backend.

receiptInUseByOtherSubscriberError → const PurchasesErrorCode

There is already another active subscriber using the same receipt.

invalidAppUserIdError → const PurchasesErrorCode

The app user id is not valid.

operationAlreadyInProgressError → const PurchasesErrorCode

The operation is already in progress.

unknownBackendError → const PurchasesErrorCode

There was an unknown backend error.

invalidAppleSubscriptionKeyError → const PurchasesErrorCode

Apple Subscription Key is invalid or not present. In order to provide subscription offers, you must first generate a subscription key. Please see https://docs.revenuecat.com/docs/ios-subscription-offers for more info.

ineligibleError → const PurchasesErrorCode

The User is ineligible for that action.

insufficientPermissionsError → const PurchasesErrorCode

App does not have sufficient permissions to make purchases.

paymentPendingError → const PurchasesErrorCode

The payment is pending.

invalidSubscriberAttributesError → const PurchasesErrorCode

One or more of the attributes sent could not be saved.

logOutWithAnonymousUserError → const PurchasesErrorCode

Called logOut but the current user is anonymous.

configurationError → const PurchasesErrorCode

There is an issue with your configuration. Check the underlying error for more details.

unsupportedError → const PurchasesErrorCode

There was a problem with the operation. Looks like we doesn't support that yet. Check the underlying error for more details.

emptySubscriberAttributesError → const PurchasesErrorCode

A request for subscriber attributes returned none.

productDiscountMissingIdentifierError → const PurchasesErrorCode

The SKProductDiscount or Product.SubscriptionOffer wrapped by StoreProductDiscount is missing an identifier. This is a required property and likely an AppStore quirk that it is missing.

unknownNonNativeError → const PurchasesErrorCode

Unknown error

productDiscountMissingSubscriptionGroupIdentifierError → const PurchasesErrorCode

Unable to create a discount offer, the product is missing a subscriptionGroupIdentifier.

customerInfoError → const PurchasesErrorCode

There was a problem related to the customer info.

systemInfoError → const PurchasesErrorCode

There was a problem related to the system info.

beginRefundRequestError → const PurchasesErrorCode

Error when trying to begin refund request.

productRequestTimeout → const PurchasesErrorCode

SKProductsRequest took too long to complete.

apiEndpointBlocked → const PurchasesErrorCode

Requests to RevenueCat are being blocked. See: https://rev.cat/dnsBlocking for more info.

invalidPromotionalOfferError → const PurchasesErrorCode

The information associated with this PromotionalOffer is not valid. See https://rev.cat/ios-subscription-offers for more info.

offlineConnectionError → const PurchasesErrorCode

Error performing request because the internet connection appears to be offline.


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operator ==(Object other) bool
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values → const List<PurchasesErrorCode>
A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.