Run commands in all projects in the current directory. Handle monorepos with ease.


  • No configuration necessary. Run puby anywhere. It won't complain.
  • Execute pub get up to five times faster with puby link
  • Reclaim disk space with puby clean
  • Supports all project-level pub commands
  • Execute any command in all projects with puby exec
  • Determines the project engine (dart, flutter, fvm) automatically
  • Convenience shortcuts for common dart/flutter commands
  • Combined exit code for use in CI
  • Per-project command exclusions
Command Equivalent
puby [options] [engine] pub [options]
puby link Warm the pub cache and run [engine] pub get --offline (see below)
puby gen [options] [engine] pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs [options]
puby test [options] [engine] test [options]
puby clean [options] flutter clean [options]
puby mup [options] [engine] pub upgrade --major-versions [options]
puby reset puby clean && puby get
puby exec [command] command

For projects configured with FVM, fvm flutter is used. FVM support can be disabled with the --no-fvm option.

Use as an executable


$ dart pub global activate puby


$ puby get
$ puby upgrade --major-versions

This command is based on flutter update-packages. All of the dependencies required by all of the projects in the current directory are cataloged and cached if necessary, then pub get --offline can safely run in all the projects in parallel.

The pubspec.lock file is used to catalog the required dependencies, so for this command to run successfully you must check in your pubspec.lock files to version control.

The puby link command can run up to five times faster than puby get, so it is very useful for large mono-repos.

Notes on puby exec

Paths relative to the directory you are running puby in will not work. For example:

  • puby exec ./ will not work
  • puby exec $PWD/ will work


Create a puby.yaml file in the root of the project you want to configure


Add command exclusions to prevent them from running in a project

  - test
  - pub run build_runner

Exclusions match from the start of a command, and the entire exclusion string must be present. Here are some examples:

Exclusion Example command excluded
test [engine] test --coverage
pub run build_runner [engine] pub run build_runner build