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Dart library to access and manipulate content of pubpec.yaml files

Class PubspecYaml

PubspecYaml is a data type representing data stored in pubspec.yaml files.

The following fields are supported:

  • Package name
  • Package version
  • Package description
  • Package author/authors
  • Package homepage, repository, and issue tracker
  • Package documentation
  • Package server specification
  • Dependency specifications: regular, dev, and overrides
  • SDK constraints
  • Command-line executables provided by the package

Other fields are accessible via PubspecYaml.customFields as a JSON structure (Map<String, dynamic>).

YAML Import

PubspecYaml provides two methods to import pubspec.yaml content:

  • The factory method PubspecYaml.loadFromYamlString() creates an object from a string with pubspec.yaml content
  • String extension method toPubspecYaml()

YAML Export

PubspecYaml.toYamlString() produces pubspec.yaml content that can be written to a file

Data Manipulation

PubspecYaml uses functional_data extensions to enable equality operations and lenses (


The following Dart script checks whether production dependencies have overrides:

void main() {
  final pubspecYaml = File('pubspec.yaml').readAsStringSync().toPubspecYaml();

  final productionOverrides = pubspecYaml.dependencyOverrides.where(
    (override) => pubspecYaml.dependencies.any((
    ) =>
        productionDependency.package() == override.package()),

  if (productionOverrides.isEmpty) {
    print('SUCCESS: No overrides of production dependencies detected');
  } else {
    print('WARNING: Overrides of production dependencies detected:');