Pub Updater

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Pub build coverage style: very good analysis License: MIT

A Dart package which enables checking whether packages are up to date and supports updating them.

Intended for use in CLIs for prompting users to auto-update.


import 'package:pub_updater/pub_updater.dart';

void main() async {
  // Create an instance of PubUpdater
  final pubUpdater = PubUpdater();

  // Check whether or not version 0.1.0 is the latest version of my_package
  final isUpToDate = await pubUpdater.isUpToDate(
    packageName: 'my_package',
    currentVersion: '0.1.0',

  // Trigger an upgrade to the latest version if my_package is not up to date
  if (!isUpToDate) {
    await pubUpdater.update(packageName: 'my_package');

  // You can also query the latest version available for a specific package.
  final latestVersion = await pubUpdater.getLatestVersion('my_package');