Pub Release is a package that automates publishing dart/flutter packages to

Pub Release also supports the simultaneous release of multiple related packages.

Pub Release performs the following operations:

  • Run pre/post release 'hook' scripts.
  • Formats all code using dartfmt
  • Increments the version no. using semantic versioning after asking what sort of changes have been made.
  • Creates a dart file containing the version no. in src/version/version.g.dart
  • Updates the pubspec.yaml with the new version no.
  • If you are using Git:
    • Generates a Git Tag using the new version no.
    • Generates release notes from commit messages since the last tag.
    • Publish any executables list in pubspec.yaml as assets on github
  • Allows you to edit the release notes.
  • Adds the release notes to CHANGELOG.MD along with the new version no.
  • Publishes the package to

Getting Started

  • Install Pub Release globally with:
dart pub global activate pub_release