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  • Just like ConstrainedBox, you can constrain the child of this widget;
  • However, instead of passing directly a BoxConstraints, you pass another prototype widget that will be used as constraint;
  • You may constrain the child loosely or tightly, in one or both of the axes.


Use the PrototypeConstrainedBox widget by providing a prototype and a child.

The following example will render a ColoredBox that will fill the space that the given prototype text would occupy:

const PrototypeConstrainedBox.tight(
  prototype: Text('Lorem ipsum dolor'),
  child: ColoredBox(
    color: Color(0xFFFF0000),

Aside from .tight, PrototypeConstrainedBox also provides .loose, .tightFor or you can completely customize the constraints by using the default unnamed constructor.

For more information regarding the PrototypeConstrainedBox API, refer to the documentation.