PrototypeConstrainedBox constructor

const PrototypeConstrainedBox(
  1. {Key? key,
  2. required Widget prototype,
  3. required Widget? child,
  4. bool constrainMinWidth = false,
  5. bool constrainMaxWidth = false,
  6. bool constrainMinHeight = false,
  7. bool constrainMaxHeight = false}

Creates a widget that imposes the prototype constraints on its child.

The prototype widget is used as a reference for applying constraints to the child.

The horizontalConstraint and verticalConstraint parameters allow you to specify the constraint type for each axis independently.


const PrototypeConstrainedBox({
  required this.prototype,
  required this.child,
  this.constrainMinWidth = false,
  this.constrainMaxWidth = false,
  this.constrainMinHeight = false,
  this.constrainMaxHeight = false,