GeneratedMessage class abstract

The base class for all protobuf message types.

The protoc plugin generates subclasses providing type-specific properties and methods.

Public properties and methods added here should also be added to GeneratedMessage_reservedNames and should be unlikely to be used in a proto file.

Available Extensions




eventPlugin EventPlugin?
Subclasses can override this getter to be notified of changes to protobuf fields.
no setter
hashCode int
Calculates a hash code based on the contents of the protobuf.
no setteroverride
info_ BuilderInfo
no setter
isFrozen bool
Returns true if this message is marked read-only. Otherwise false.
no setter
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
no setterinherited
unknownFields UnknownFieldSet
no setter


addExtension(Extension extension, Object? value) → void
Adds an extension field value to a repeated field.
check() → void
clear() → void
Clears all data that was set in this message.
clearExtension(Extension extension) → void
Clears an extension field and also removes the extension.
clearField(int tagNumber) → void
Clears the contents of a given field.
clone() GeneratedMessage
Creates a deep copy of the fields in this message. (The generated code uses mergeFromMessage.)
copyWith(void updates(GeneratedMessage)) GeneratedMessage
Apply updates to a copy of this message.
createEmptyInstance() GeneratedMessage
Creates an empty instance of the same message type as this.
createMapField<K, V>(int tagNumber, MapFieldInfo<K, V> fi) Map<K, V>
Creates a Map representing a map field.
createRepeatedField<T>(int tagNumber, FieldInfo<T> fi) List<T>
Creates List implementing a mutable repeated field.
extensionsAreInitialized() bool
freeze() GeneratedMessage
Make this message read-only.
getDefaultForField(int tagNumber) → dynamic
Returns the default value for the given field.
getExtension(Extension extension) → dynamic
Returns the value of extension.
getField(int tagNumber) → dynamic
Returns the value of the field associated with tagNumber, or the default value if it is not set.
getFieldOrNull(int tagNumber) → dynamic
Returns the value of a field, ignoring any defaults.
getTagNumber(String fieldName) int?
hasExtension(Extension extension) bool
Returns true if a value of extension is present.
hasField(int tagNumber) bool
Whether this message has a field associated with tagNumber.
hasRequiredFields() bool
Whether the message has required fields.
isInitialized() bool
Whether all required fields in the message and embedded messages are set.
mergeFromBuffer(List<int> input, [ExtensionRegistry extensionRegistry = ExtensionRegistry.EMPTY]) → void
Merges serialized protocol buffer data into this message.
mergeFromCodedBufferReader(CodedBufferReader input, [ExtensionRegistry extensionRegistry = ExtensionRegistry.EMPTY]) → void
mergeFromJson(String data, [ExtensionRegistry extensionRegistry = ExtensionRegistry.EMPTY]) → void
Merges field values from data, a JSON object, encoded as described by GeneratedMessage.writeToJson.
mergeFromJsonMap(Map<String, dynamic> json, [ExtensionRegistry extensionRegistry = ExtensionRegistry.EMPTY]) → void
Merges field values from a JSON object represented as a Dart map.
mergeFromMessage(GeneratedMessage other) → void
Merges the contents of the other into this message.
mergeFromProto3Json(Object? json, {TypeRegistry typeRegistry = const TypeRegistry.empty(), bool ignoreUnknownFields = false, bool supportNamesWithUnderscores = true, bool permissiveEnums = false}) → void
Merges field values from json, a JSON object using proto3 encoding.
mergeUnknownFields(UnknownFieldSet unknownFieldSet) → void
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a nonexistent method or property is accessed.
setExtension(Extension extension, Object value) → void
Sets the value of a non-repeated extension field to value.
setField(int tagNumber, Object value) → void
Sets the value of a field by its tagNumber.
toBuilder() GeneratedMessage
Creates a writable, shallow copy of this message.
toDebugString() String
Returns a String representation of this message.
toProto3Json({TypeRegistry typeRegistry = const TypeRegistry.empty()}) Object?
Returns an Object representing Proto3 JSON serialization of this.
toString() String
Returns a String representation of this message.
writeToBuffer() Uint8List
writeToCodedBufferWriter(CodedBufferWriter output) → void
writeToJson() String
Returns a JSON string that encodes this message.
writeToJsonMap() Map<String, dynamic>
Returns the JSON encoding of this message as a Dart Map.


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator.