Like the name, this is the widget to support Pre-load function for PageView widget.

For better user experience sometimes we need pre-load the images/web requests before user really scrolled to next PageView but the official PageView don't support that.So this is the time to use PreloadPageView.


Everything is similar like PageView, you need PreloadPageView.builder and PreloadPageController to create the PreloadPageView.

Also you can use preloadPagesCount to set preload pages count when you need.


  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return new PreloadPageView.builder(
      itemCount: ...,
      itemBuilder: ...,
      onPageChanged: (int position) {...},
      preloadPagesCount: 3,
      controller: PreloadPageController(),

If you found any issue in the newest beta version, please try stable version 0.1.4. Please give us a star if you like this widget. Your star could help us update or fix bugs quickly.