pod library Null safety


AlwaysAliveProviderBase<Created, Listened>
A base class for providers that never disposes themselves.
An utility for safely manipulating asynchronous data.
Family<Created, Listened, Param, Ref extends ProviderReference, P extends RootProvider<Created, Listened>>
A base class for all *Family variants of providers.
An object used by ProviderContainer/ProviderScope to override the behavior of a provider/family for part of the application.
A StateNotifier that allows modifying its state from outside.
An observable class that stores a single immutable state.


Overrides overrideWithProvider for StateProvider.autoDispose.family.
Implements overrideWithProvider for families.
Overrides overrideWithProvider for StateProvider.family.


Create<T, Ref extends ProviderReference> = T Function(Ref ref)
A callback used by providers to create the value exposed.
DisposableFuturePod = AutoDisposeFutureProvider
DisposableFuturePodFam = AutoDisposeFutureProviderFamily
DisposablePod = AutoDisposeProvider
DisposablePodBase = AutoDisposeProviderBase
DisposablePodElement = AutoDisposeProviderElement
DisposablePodFam = AutoDisposeProviderFamily
DisposablePodReference = AutoDisposeProviderReference
DisposableStateNotifierPod = AutoDisposeStateNotifierProvider<StateNotifier, dynamic>
DisposableStateNotifierPodFam = AutoDisposeStateNotifierProviderFamily<StateNotifier, dynamic, dynamic>
DisposableStatePod = AutoDisposeStateProvider
DisposableStatePodFam = AutoDisposeStateProviderFamily
DisposableStreamPod = AutoDisposeStreamProvider
DisposableStreamPodFam = AutoDisposeStreamProviderFamily
ErrorListener = void Function(Object error, StackTrace? stackTrace)
A callback that can be passed to StateNotifier.onError.
FuturePod = FutureProvider
FuturePodFam = FutureProviderFamily
Locator = T Function<T>()
A function that allows obtaining other objects.
Pod = Provider
PodBase = ProviderBase
PodContainer = ProviderContainer
PodElement = ProviderElement
PodException = ProviderException
PodFam = ProviderFamily
PodListenable = ProviderListenable
PodObserver = ProviderObserver
PodReference = ProviderReference
PodRoot = RootProvider
PodSubscription = ProviderSubscription
Reader = T Function<T>(RootProvider<Object?, T> provider)
A function that reads the state of a provider.
RemoveListener = void Function()
A callback that can be used to remove a listener added with StateNotifier.addListener.
ScopedCreate<T> = T Function(ScopedReader watch)
The function that ScopedProviders uses to create their state.
ScopedPod = ScopedProvider
ScopedReader = T Function<T>(ProviderBase<Object?, T> provider)
A function that can both read a ScopedProvider, normal providers and a myProvider.select(..)
StateNotifierPod = StateNotifierProvider<StateNotifier, dynamic>
StateNotifierPodFam = StateNotifierProviderFamily<StateNotifier, dynamic, dynamic>
StatePod = StateProvider
StatePodFam = StateProviderFamily
StreamPod = StreamProvider
StreamPodFam = StreamProviderFamily

Exceptions / Errors

An error thrown when a call to ProviderReference.read/ProviderReference.watch leads to a provider depending on itself.
Thrown when tried to call LocatorMixin.read<T>(), but the T was not found.s
An error thrown when tried to update the state of a StateNotifier, but at least of the listeners threw.