plural_selectable library


If the model type in it is written,the search becomes easeir.
The mutli selection feature is provided with this class.. child is the content of the page to redirect after onTap. It has features such as being selectable and rotating the selected one.. leading widget to be in the header. title leading widget. Can be customized with decoration.
The header that will represent your multiple selections you can add title. You can add child and customize it. can return selected by adding icon. You can customize it by adding decoration.
By dint of this InheritedWidget class selectActions will will rest.


BuilderInnerSelect = SelectableChild Function(BuildContext context, List inner, int index, bool isSelected)
innerSelect builder. this model is not your orginal model. it returns the model you choose
BuilderSelect = SelectableParent Function(BuildContext context, dynamic model, bool isSelected)
child builder.