pilisp_cli library

PiLisp CLI

A rudimentary CLI entry-point for the PiLisp language. Originally designed for use with the core pilisp language package as well as pilisp-native.

Use the cliMain function from your Dart program's main function. See the README for details.

Alternatively, use these functions directly as needed:

  • repl expects a PLEnv instance and starts an interactive PiLisp REPL
  • loadFile expects a PLEnv instance, a String path to a file on your computer, and an Iterable<String> of arguments that will be bound to the *command-line-args* symbol in PiLisp for your script.


cliMain(PLEnv env, List<String> mainArgs) Future<void>
A proxy for your main function, if you want this package to handle all of your command-line arguments.
loadFile(PLEnv env, String path) Future<Object?>
Load (read + eval) the file at the given path, returning the final value evaluated in the program.
repl(PLEnv env, {bool isRich = true}) Future<void>
Run a PiLisp REPL.