generator_tools library


Represents the mapping of a Dart datatype to a Host datatype.
A helper class for managing indentation, wrapping a StringSink.
Collection of keys used in dictionaries across generators.


generatedCodeWarning → const String
Warning printed at the top of all generated code.
'Autogenerated from Pigeon (v$pigeonVersion), do not edit directly.'
pigeonVersion → const String
The current version of pigeon.
seeAlsoWarning → const String
String to be printed after generatedCodeWarning.
'See also:'


getHostDatatype(Field field, List<Class> classes, String builtinResolver(String), {String customResolver(String)}) HostDatatype
Calculates the HostDatatype for the provided Field. It will check the field against the classes to check if it is a builtin type. builtinResolver will return the host datatype for the Dart datatype for builtin types. customResolver can modify the datatype of custom types.
isVoid(TypeMirror type) bool
Returns true if type represents 'void'.
makeChannelName(Api api, Method func) String
Create the generated channel name for a func on a api.
readStdin() String
Read all the content from stdin to a String.