Welcome to OTTAA's Universal Pictogram Flutter Widget#

Create great apps with Pictograms using OTTAA Picto widget, we feature a minimalistic design to foster understanding. Each Picto must have and image, a text and a Fitzgerald key color frame. And you are good to go!

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Are you creating an app that uses Pictograms? Pictowidget is a great place to start, you don't to worry about using the right proportions, formats, color or fonts. Just use it.

Getting started

To start using just add Pictowidget to your pubspec.yaml file. Make a flutter pub get. You are ready to go.


Cosas: Incluya ejemplos breves y útiles para los usuarios del paquete. Agregar ejemplos más largos a la carpeta /example.

const like = 'sample';


How to contribute

We would love your help. Before you start working however, please read and follow this guide.

Reporting Issues

Provide a lot of information about the bug. Mention the version of OTTAA Project and explain how the problem can be reproduced.

Code Contributions

Create a pull request

In order to create a pull request is necessary

  • Avoid file conflicts with the source code
  • Should make a description about the characteristics to apply
  • Should apply the pull request in the corresponding branch
Branch Description
Version Main
Feature Add new features
Hotfix Hot-fix about a version
Bugfix Bug-fix about a version

Code of Conduct

OTTAA Project Open Source Code of Conduct

In order to work in the OTTAA Project in a collaborative way and help our community grow we ask you to comply with the following code of conduct..

** Diversity makes us grow : ** We truly believe that every user’s or developer’s age, gender, nationality, race or sexual orientation provide content based on a plurality of experiences and knowledge that contribute to the construction of a complete tool which reflects the real needs of potential users of the OTTAA Project.

** Debate enriches us : ** As we consider that everyone can contribute significantly to improving the software we seek to establish mutual respect among the members of the community, reaching a consensus among the developers and solving the problem in the best way possible.

It is necessary to comply with the following guidelines in our conduct code:

  • Refraining from discriminating .
  • Avoiding posting pornographic content.
  • Refraining from publishing the user’s details or relevant information.
  • Refraining from making heavy jokes.
  • Avoiding insults
  • Refraining from judging others on there religions or race

Reporting breaches to the code of conduct

In the case of any violation of our code of conduct, it should be reported as follows: Share your contact details

  • Send a screenshot of the situation
  • Explain the situation in as much detail as possible
  • Send the email to the following address :

After the revision of the report, the team assigned to analyze the case will carry out the following actions:

  • Notify the user of the breach
  • devise a way for the user to amend that attitude.

the user can be expelled from the community in the following situation :