Phone number validation and filed written in pure dart without any native dependency.

Package Status

⛔️ The package is not production ready.
There might be some breaking changes over time, we'll try not to break too much but keep that in your mind.


Currently there are lots of packages available on for working with phone numbers (inputs, validators, etc...) However, most of them are using native libraries like libphonenumber under the hood. While those libraries are very well written implementations, they are not written natively for Flutter (yet). That means flutter library maintainers are using certain communication mechanisms like platform channels or ffi to communicate with those libraries. Additional abstraction layer of communication leads to increased implementation complexity and increases points of failure.

This library however uses simplified dart-native implementation that doesn't require additional communication layer and also works synchronously / meaning you are guaranteed to get near-instant feedback (if it doesn't panic, I hope 🤞).

That said, I am not trying to convience you that this is the best phone number utility for dart/flutter. It's just the library that got my job done during the time of writing my projects.

Getting Started


  1. Add phonenumbers: ^1.0.0 dependency to "pubspec.yaml" file
  2. Run [flutter] pub get to install package
  3. Drink a cup of coffee


Import phonenumbers library which exports useful classes like PhoneNumberField widget.

import 'package:phonenumbers/phonenumbers.dart';

Then you can build PhoneNumberField() widget wherever you want. It works like any other widgets.

class _MyPageState extends State<MyPage> {
  final phoneNumberController = PhoneNumberEditingController();

  void dispose() {
    phoneNumberController.dispose(); // to save environment

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Column(
      children: <Widget>[
          controller: phoneNumberController,
          decoration: InputDecoration(),

The documentation will be improved over time...


Found an issue, or maybe have a brilliant idea? Maybe our data is not valid. Feel free to contribute if you want 😊