serviceStatus property

Future<ServiceStatus> serviceStatus

Checks the current status of the service associated with the given Permission.

Notes about specific permissions:

    • Android:
      • The method will return ServiceStatus.notApplicable when:
        • the device lacks the TELEPHONY feature
        • TelephonyManager.getPhoneType() returns PHONE_TYPE_NONE
        • when no Intents can be resolved to handle the tel: scheme
      • The method will return ServiceStatus.disabled when:
        • the SIM card is missing
    • iOS:
    • PLEASE NOTE that this is still not a perfect indication of the device's capability to place & connect phone calls as it also depends on the network condition.
  • Permission.bluetooth
    • iOS:
      • The method will always return ServiceStatus.disabled when the Bluetooth permission was denied by the user. It is impossible to obtain the actual Bluetooth service status without having the Bluetooth permission granted.
      • The method will prompt the user for Bluetooth permission if the permission was not yet requested.


Future<ServiceStatus> get serviceStatus => _handler.checkServiceStatus(this);