bluetooth constant

PermissionWithService const bluetooth

Permission for accessing the device's bluetooth adapter state.

Depending on the platform and version, the requirements are slightly different:


  • Always allowed.


  • iOS 13 and above: The authorization state of Core Bluetooth manager.
  • iOS below 13: always allowed.


  • iOS 13.0 only: bluetooth.status is always PermissionStatus.denied, regardless of the actual status. For the actual permission state, use bluetooth.request. Note that this will show a permission dialog if the permission was not yet requested.
  • All iOS versions: bluetooth.serviceStatus will always return ServiceStatus.disabled when the Bluetooth permission was denied by the user. It is impossible to obtain the actual Bluetooth service status without having the Bluetooth permission granted. The method will prompt the user for Bluetooth permission if the permission was not yet requested.


static const bluetooth = PermissionWithService._(21);