Peek-An-App Dart Client

A Dart library for fetching information about applications on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store using Peek-An-App.


import 'package:peekanapp/peekanapp.dart';

// ...

PeekanappClient peekanapp = PeekanappClient();

// fetch information about an app on the Play Store
final info = peekanapp.getPlayStoreAppDetails(appId: '');

// fetch information about an app on the App Store
final info = peekanapp.getAppStoreAppDetails(appId: '');

// fetch information about an app on both app stores
final info = peekanapp.getAppDetails(androidAppId: '', iOSAppId: '');

You may also instnatiate a client with a custom API URL, if you're self-hosting Peek-An-App.

import 'package:peekanapp/peekanapp.dart';

// ...

PeekanappClient peekanapp = PeekanappClient.withApiUrl('');

For more information about the library APIs, please refer to the API reference here: