Password Generator

A Dart library for generating random passwords with various customizable options.


  • Generate passwords with custom lengths
  • Include or exclude numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and special characters
  • Option to exclude similar characters (e.g., 'i', 'l', '1', 'o', 'O', '0')


Add the following dependency to your pubspec.yaml file:

  password_generator: ^1.0.0


import 'package:password_generator_quoclewkm/password_generator.dart';

void main() {
  // Generate a password with default settings
  String password1 = PasswordGenerator.generate();
  print('Default password: $password1');

  // Generate a password with a specific length
  String password2 = PasswordGenerator.generate(length: 12);
  print('12 character password: $password2');

  // Generate a password without numbers
  String password3 = PasswordGenerator.generate(includeNumbers: false);
  print('Password without numbers: $password3');

  // Generate a password without lowercase letters
  String password4 = PasswordGenerator.generate(includeLowercase: false);
  print('Password without lowercase letters: $password4');

  // Generate a password without uppercase letters
  String password5 = PasswordGenerator.generate(includeUppercase: false);
  print('Password without uppercase letters: $password5');

  // Generate a password with special characters
  String password6 = PasswordGenerator.generate(includeSpecialCharacters: true);
  print('Password with special characters: $password6');

  // Generate a password excluding similar characters
  String password7 = PasswordGenerator.generate(excludeSimilarCharacters: true);
  print('Password excluding similar characters: $password7');

  // Generate a password with custom settings
  String password8 = PasswordGenerator.generate(
    length: 16,
    includeNumbers: true,
    includeLowercase: true,
    includeUppercase: true,
    includeSpecialCharacters: true,
    excludeSimilarCharacters: true,
  print('Custom password: $password8');

API Reference


Generates a random password with the specified options.

static String generate({
  int length = 8,
  bool includeNumbers = true,
  bool includeLowercase = true,
  bool includeUppercase = true,
  bool includeSpecialCharacters = false,
  bool excludeSimilarCharacters = false,
  • length: The length of the password (default: 8)
  • includeNumbers: Whether to include numbers in the password (default: true)
  • includeLowercase: Whether to include lowercase letters in the password (default: true)
  • includeUppercase: Whether to include uppercase letters in the password (default: true)
  • includeSpecialCharacters: Whether to include special characters in the password (default: false)
  • excludeSimilarCharacters: Whether to exclude similar characters (e.g., 'i', 'l', '1', 'o', 'O', '0') (default: false)
  • Returns: A randomly generated password


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.