passwd_gen library Null safety

A library to generate passwords. It includes a series of collections of items such as: Latin characters as well as French, German, Italian, Spanish extensions and the usual special characters. It also includes the EFF's word list from the work of Joseph Bonneau and others. (See references below). It allows to extend the collections with its own elements.


Define some commons items list
Represents a password, which is the result of PasswordService.generatePassword It can be obtained with password as List<String> or with toString as String entropy is the bits of entropy calculated from size of collection items and password length .
Service use to generate Password. Passwords are generated from collections of elements and a random generator that takes elements to build the password. A secure Random is used if supported otherwise the normal is used.


effLargeWordsList → const Map<num, String>
The Electronic Frontier Foundation's long word list.
<num, String>{11111 : 'abacus', 11112 : 'abdomen', 11113 : 'abdominal', 11114 : 'abide', 11115 : 'abiding', 11116 : 'ability', 11121 : 'ablaze…
effShortWordsList → const Map<num, String>
The Electronic Frontier Foundation's general short word list.
<num, String>{1111 : 'acid', 1112 : 'acorn', 1113 : 'acre', 1114 : 'acts', 1115 : 'afar', 1116 : 'affix', 1121 : 'aged', 1122 : 'agent…