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A library for analyzing Dart packages. It invokes executables from the Dart SDK (or from the Flutter SDK if the package uses Flutter).

Reports are created in the following categories:

Used by the Dart Package site.

Use as an executable


dart pub global activate pana


You can specify either a package (+ version) or a local directory to analyze:

Usage: pana [<options>] --hosted <published package name> [<version>]
       pana [<options>] <local directory>

      --dart-sdk               The directory of the Dart SDK.
      --flutter-sdk            The directory of the Flutter SDK.
      --exit-code-threshold    The exit code will indicate if (max - granted points) <= threshold.
  -j, --json                   Output log records and full report as JSON.
      --hosted-url             The server that hosts <package>.
                               (defaults to "")
  -l, --line-length            The line length to use with dart format.
      --hosted                 Download and analyze a hosted package (from
      --[no-]dartdoc           Run dartdoc and score the package on documentation coverage.
                               (defaults to on)