Oxford Dictionary API Wrapper in Dart

The package is under development and doesn't have all API functionality. Feel free to contribute!

The Oxford Dictionaries API offers an easy way to access powerful lexical data (words, definitions, translations, audio pronunciations, synonyms, antonyms, parts of speech, and more) to use in your apps and websites.

To test package soundness there was 100 requests saved with according responses in test/fixtures/{entries,lemmas}/ folders. If you encounter any null value error please open an issue in repository Issues page.

See Contribution guidelines for this project

Read Oxford Dictionaries Documentation

Getting Started

git clone git@github.com:rIIh/oxford-dictionary.git && cd oxford-dictionary
flutter pub get
flutter pub run build_runner build

How to use

See example for more usecase information.

void main() async {
  final dictionary = OxfordDictionary(

  // get word definition entry
  final word = await dictionary.entries.search(wordString);

  // get phrases
  final phrases = word.phrases.values.map((phrases) => phrases).expand((phrases) => phrases).toList();

  // get pronunciations
  final pronunciations = word.variants.values
      .map((e) => e.map((e) => e.pronunciations))
      .expand((pronunciations) => pronunciations)

  // get senses
  final senses = word.variants.values
      .map((variants) => variants?.map((variant) => variant.senses))
      .expand((senses) => senses)

  // get definitions
  final definitions = senses.map((e) => e.map((e) => e.definitions)).expand((definitions) => definitions).toList();

  // get sub senses
  final subSenses = senses.map((e) => e.map((e) => e.subSenses)).expand((subSenses) => subSenses).toList();