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The OpenAI API can be applied to virtually any task that involves understanding or generating natural language or code. They offer a spectrum of models with different levels of power suitable for different tasks, as well as the ability to fine-tune your own custom models.

ℹ️ Info

This is an unofficial client, written purely in Dart that allows you to easily use the API in your Dart or Flutter projects.

APIs Dart class Implementation status
Models OpenAIModels
Completions OpenAICompletions
Chat OpenAIChat
Edits OpenAIEdits
Images OpenAIImages
Embeddings OpenAIEmbeddings
Files Not present
Fine-tunes Not present
Moderations OpenAIModerations

🧰 Installation

You can install the package by adding it to your pubspec.yaml file.

  openai_client: last_version

After the installation you would just need to import the package in your project.

import 'package:openai_client/openai_client.dart';

🚀 Getting Started

In order to use the API, you need to have an API key. You can get one here and once you have it, you can use it in the client passing the key itself in the OpenAIConfiguration constructor.

// Create the configuration
final conf = OpenAIConfiguration(
    apiKey: 'Your API key',
    organizationId: 'Your organization ID', // Optional

// Create a new client
final client = OpenAIClient(configuration: conf);

🐛 Debugging

For testing and debugging purposes, you can use the built-in Logger to more easily check the status of requests and responses.

By default, the Logger is disabled. You can enable it by setting the enableLogging property to true.

// The instance of the client with the logger enabled
final client = OpenAIClient(
    enableLogging: true,

🎯 Examples

The provided example is a simple command line application that allows you to test the client. You can find it in the example folder.

📚 Documentation

The full documentation of the project is available here. All the methods are documented, and you can easily check the parameters that you can pass to them.

🤝 Contributing

If you want to contribute to openai_client, please make sure to review the contribution guidelines.

This project makes use of GitHub issues for tracking requests and bugs only, so please don't use issues for general questions and discussion.

🪪 License

This project is licensed under the BSD-3-Clause.

Furthermore, it's not affiliated with OpenAI in any way.