APIParameterLocation enum Null safety

There are four possible parameter locations specified by the in field.

  • path:
  • query:
  • header:
  • cookie:


Used to pass a specific cookie value to the API.

const APIParameterLocation(3)

Custom headers that are expected as part of the request.

Note that RFC7230 states header names are case insensitive.

const APIParameterLocation(1)
path → const APIParameterLocation

Used together with Path Templating, where the parameter value is actually part of the operation's URL.

This does not include the host or base path of the API. For example, in /items/{itemId}, the path parameter is itemId.

const APIParameterLocation(2)
query → const APIParameterLocation

Parameters that are appended to the URL.

For example, in /items?id=###, the query parameter is id.

const APIParameterLocation(0)
values → const List<APIParameterLocation>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<APIParameterLocation>


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