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An OpenId Connect RP (Relying Party) package for dart, which exposes basic models and functionality defined by the OIDC standard.

Make sure you read the Wiki for how to use this package.


This package only requires dart, and can be used in all platforms.

Since the OIDC specification requires interactions with the underlying platform (e.g. launching a browser, listening for redirect, etc...), this package can't be used by it self to implement the spec.

The full spec is implemented in package:oidc which depends on flutter.

Installation ๐Ÿ’ป

โ— In order to start using this package you must have the Dart SDK installed on your machine.

Add to your pubspec.yaml:

dart pub add oidc_core

Running Tests ๐Ÿงช

To run all unit tests:

dart pub global activate coverage 1.2.0
dart test --coverage=coverage
dart pub global run coverage:format_coverage --lcov --in=coverage --out=coverage/lcov.info

To view the generated coverage report you can use lcov.

# Generate Coverage Report
genhtml coverage/lcov.info -o coverage/

# Open Coverage Report
open coverage/index.html

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