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🦻 A widget that builds using notifications dispatched via the build context.

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Notifications — is a tool Flutter uses to pass the data higher in the widget tree hierarchy. Somewhere in depth of your widget tree you can fire a notification and it will go up, like a bubble. And on top, you can catch it using a NotificationBuilder to build your UI.

The problem

Imagine the following widget tree:

  color: // I want this to be changed once the button below is clicked!
  child: const SomeChild(
    child: AnotherChild(
      // More and more widgets...
      child: ChildWithTheButton(),

class ChildWithTheButton extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return TextButton(
      title: 'Change colour',
      onPressed: // Here! I want the colour to be changed on this button pressed!

You could either pass something like a ChangeNotifier<Color>, or pass a callback function to set the state, or even use an InheritedWidget. Another option is to use a NotificationListener.

The solution

💡 Click here to check out the full example.

Define your notification:

class ColorNotification extends Notification {
  const ColorNotification(this.color);

  final Color color;

Use a NotificationBuilder to catch notifications:

// MyWidget
  builder: (context, notification, child) {
    // Note: the notification parameter will be null at the very first build.
    // Use a fallback value like this.
    final color = notification?.color ?? Colors.white;

    return AnimatedContainer(
      duration: const Duration(milliseconds: 200),
      curve: Curves.fastOutSlowIn,
      decoration: BoxDecoration(color: color),
      child: child,
  child: const SomeChild(...),

Fire notifications from the widget tree below the builder:

onPressed: () {


If you don't want certain notification to trigger rebuilds...

Then you can use the buildWhen parameter!

buildWhen: (notification) {
  // Now if a passed color would be red, the notification will be ignored!
  return notification.color !=,

Getting started


Add the package to pubspec.yaml:



Add the dependency to your file:

import 'package:notification_builder/notification_builder.dart';