Nominatim Geocoding

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Flutter package to get forward and reverse geocoding.


  • Automatically stores cache upto n number of requests.
  • Restriction: Only 1 request per second is allowed to send.

Steps use

Add dependency in pubspec.yaml file as

nominatim_geocoding: 0.0.6

Initialize the package

void main() async {
    await NominatimGeocoding.init(reqCacheNum: 20);

Forward Geocoding

Geocoding geocoding = await
    const Address(
        city: 'Braunschweig',
        postalCode: 38120,

Reverse Geocoding

Coordinate coordinate = Coordinate(latitude: 52.567898, longitude: 30.887776);
Geocoding geocoding = await;

Additional information


nominatim_geocoding package provides two function for forward geocoding and reverse geocoding. Both functions return Geocoding which contains Address and Coordinate.