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AngularDart is an open-source web framework focused on productivity, performance, and stability. Originally developed by Google, AngularDart has powered sophisticated, mission-critical apps that serve millions of users. It is built on Dart and has been used extensively in production, including but not limited to Google AdWords, Google Fiber, Wrike, etc.

Disclaimer: This project is now maintained by the AngularDart Community. This is not a Google product in any way, official or unofficial.

New to AngularDart?

Ramp up quickly with our docs, codelabs, and examples:

  • Go to Get Started for a quick introduction to creating and running AngularDart web apps.

  • Follow the AngularDart tutorial to build a fully working application that includes routing, HTTP networking, and more.

You may also be interested in other codelabs and a set of community contributed tutorials.



The primary library for the AngularDart web framework.
NOTE: As of 2020-08-12, this library is DEPRECATED.
A set of experimental APIs for AngularDart.