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A command-line tool for creating and managing AngularDart projects.


ngdart is not meant to be used as a dependency but a command-line tool. Hence, you have to "activate" it:

dart pub global activate ngdart

Dart will detect automatically if you have added the Pub executables path to your environment variables. Follow its instructions if you haven't.

If you use the Dart SDK provided by the Flutter SDK, it is highly recommended to also add the Dart SDK's bin to your environment variables (otherwise sometimes the program can't find pub, which is not directly provided in the Flutter SDK). It is located at path/to/flutter/sdk/bin/cache/dart-sdk/bin

To create a new AngularDart project:

ngdart create <package_name>

To remove the build/ and .dart_tool/ directory (similar to flutter clean), run in your project directory:

ngdart clean


Stagehand, the tool that many AngularDart developers use to generate a starter project, has been discontinued in favor of dart create. However, since dart create doesn't have an option for AngularDart projects, developers are left with nothing but quickstart and angular_cli, which are both great options but very outdated. Hence, ngdart is created to compensate for the lack of tools.

Also, as a Flutter developer myself, I'm often envious of how many useful tools that the Flutter cli tool provides (such as flutter clean). Hence, another purpose of ngdart is to unify the all the tools developers need to create a brilliant AngularDart project. The first step is ngdart clean, and more is coming (see Future Plans) below)

Future Plans

Feel free to create pull requests on any of these goals! :) To prevent doing duplicate work, I marked the ones that I myself is currently working on.

  • Add --verbose global flag. currently working on
  • Prompt user to update (by checking the latest version on Pub and compare to packageVersion).
  • Run pub get (or prompt the user to run) after creating a project.
  • Add ngdart build and ngdart serve command (likely from webdev, but null safety has been a problem for me).
  • Generate components (a function that angular_cli provides, though I'm unsure if this is useful for many developers).