Flutter NeoVersion

Check if a new version of a Flutter app is available on the app stores. The plugin uses the Peek-An-App API to get information about the latest version.

This plugin is heavily inspired by the new_version plugin, however, the APIs are NOT backwards-compatible.

Basic usage

Create a new NeoVersion class instance wherever you want to check for new versions:

import 'package:neoversion/neoversion.dart';

final neoVersion = NeoVersion();

The package will use the package name from your Flutter project to identify the app on the app stores, however, you may also pass your own identifiers:

final neoVersion = NeoVersion(androidAppId: 'com.example.app', iOSAppId: 'com.example.app');

Once you have that, you can call the following method to prompt the user if a new version is available:

await neoVersion.showAlertIfNecessary(context: context);

You can also consume the version status manually and have custom behavior for the prompts:

final status = await neoVersion.getVersionStatus();
status.needsUpdate; // (boolean)
status.localVersion; // (string, the currently installed app's version)
status.appStoreVersion; // (string, the latest version on the app store)

await neoVersion.showUpdateDialog(context: context, status: status);


The plugin's default dialog is very easy to customize. Please refer to the API Reference for more information.