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🤔 : Hmm, I wonder how to keep BottomNavigationBar fixed while transition in Flutter?

🌐 : go_router, beamer, qlevar_router, etc...

😵 : Wait, I just want a persitent nav bar, I don't need deep linking, URL based navigation, or back buttons for brower... Is there any other easy way?

🌐 : ...

🙄: 🤯

👼 : There's navigator_scope, bro.

A simple package for nested navigation. No need to learn a bunch of new APIs. It will work exactly as you imagine.

demo demo2

Pros & Cons

Navigator 2.0 is powerful and go_router is friendly. However, there are still cases where these tools are overkill, and in those cases traditional navigator APIs such as pop and push are more suitable due to its simplicity. This is where navigator_scope comes in. It extracts the nested navigation mechanism from CupertinoTabScaffold and makes it more generalized for use in MaterialDesign widgets.



  • Only supports non-named routes: For simplicity, this package doesn't support Navigator.pushNamed or URL based routing.


Available at

flutter pub add navigator_scope

Try it

There is an example app that uses this package with NavigationBar.

git clone
cd example
flutter pub get
flutter run


Use NestedNavigator as a local navigator, and NavigatorScope as a hub of the navigators. NavigatorScope keeps the state of each tab even if it disappears after the transition. If you want to change the active tab, just rebuild NavigatorScope with new currentDestination. That's all.

  bottomNavigationBar: NavigationBar( // Use your favorite nav bar
    selectedIndex: selectedTabIndex,
    destinations: tabs,
  body: NavigatorScope( // A hub of local navigators
    currentDestination: selectedTabIndex,
    destinationCount: tabs.length,
    destinationBuilder: (context, index) {
      return NestedNavigator( // A local navigator
        // Create the default page for this navigator
        builder: (context) => Container(),

You can use Navigator.push to navigate to a new page, and Navigate.pop to go back. The other imperative navigation APIs such as Navigator.popUntil can also be used.


If you want to show a dialog that covers the entire screen, use the root navigator instead of a local navigator.

  context: context,
  useRootNavigator: true,


If you have any question, feel free to ask them on the discussions page.


If you find any bugs or have suggestions for improvement, please create an issue or a pull request on the GitHub repository. Contributions are welcome and appreciated!