WebResourceErrorType enum Null safety

Possible error type categorizations used by WebResourceError.


authentication → const WebResourceErrorType

User authentication failed on server.

const WebResourceErrorType(0)
badUrl → const WebResourceErrorType

Malformed URL.

const WebResourceErrorType(1)
connect → const WebResourceErrorType

Failed to connect to the server.

const WebResourceErrorType(2)
failedSslHandshake → const WebResourceErrorType

Failed to perform SSL handshake.

const WebResourceErrorType(3)
file → const WebResourceErrorType

Generic file error.

const WebResourceErrorType(4)
fileNotFound → const WebResourceErrorType

File not found.

const WebResourceErrorType(5)
hostLookup → const WebResourceErrorType

Server or proxy hostname lookup failed.

const WebResourceErrorType(6)
io → const WebResourceErrorType

Failed to read or write to the server.

const WebResourceErrorType(7)
javaScriptExceptionOccurred → const WebResourceErrorType

A JavaScript exception occurred.

const WebResourceErrorType(18)
javaScriptResultTypeIsUnsupported → const WebResourceErrorType

The result of JavaScript execution could not be returned.

const WebResourceErrorType(19)
proxyAuthentication → const WebResourceErrorType

User authentication failed on proxy.

const WebResourceErrorType(8)
redirectLoop → const WebResourceErrorType

Too many redirects.

const WebResourceErrorType(9)
timeout → const WebResourceErrorType

Connection timed out.

const WebResourceErrorType(10)
tooManyRequests → const WebResourceErrorType

Too many requests during this load.

const WebResourceErrorType(11)
unknown → const WebResourceErrorType

Generic error.

const WebResourceErrorType(12)
unsafeResource → const WebResourceErrorType

Resource load was canceled by Safe Browsing.

const WebResourceErrorType(13)
unsupportedAuthScheme → const WebResourceErrorType

Unsupported authentication scheme (not basic or digest).

const WebResourceErrorType(14)
unsupportedScheme → const WebResourceErrorType

Unsupported URI scheme.

const WebResourceErrorType(15)
values → const List<WebResourceErrorType>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<WebResourceErrorType>
webContentProcessTerminated → const WebResourceErrorType

The web content process was terminated.

const WebResourceErrorType(16)
webViewInvalidated → const WebResourceErrorType

The web view was invalidated.

const WebResourceErrorType(17)


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