ContentBlockerAction class Null safety

Action associated to the trigger. The action tells to the WebView what to do when the trigger is matched. When a trigger matches a resource, the browser queues the associated action for execution. The WebView evaluates all the triggers, it executes the actions in order. When a domain matches a trigger, all rules after the triggered rule that specify the same action are skipped. Group the rules with similar actions together to improve performance.


ContentBlockerAction.cssDisplayNone(String selector)


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selector String?
If the action type is ContentBlockerActionType.cssDisplayNone, then also the selector property is required, otherwise it is ignored. It specify a string that defines a selector list. Use CSS identifiers as the individual selector values, separated by commas.
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type ContentBlockerActionType?
Type of the action.
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Static Methods

fromMap(Map<String, dynamic> map) ContentBlockerAction