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A simple lib to incremease Map with usefull functions

Whats MS_Map_Utils do

Add usefull functions to map:

  • trim trim all Strings in a map it's recursive
  • compact remove all MapEntries thats values is null it's recursive too
  • reduce iterate all items in Map for reduce to a unique value returned from callback ReduceFunction.
  • removeKeys remove all entries that contains a key in list.
  • removeKeysExcept remove all entries that NOT contains a key in list.
  • putIfAbsentAsync put a item if absent or return existent value async.
  • containsKeys check if map contains all keys of list.


Just import lib and use extensions, call the functions to starts work:

import 'package:ms_map_utils/ms_map_utils.dart';

Map itsAMap = {'key1':null,'key2':'         just a String withs extras spaces en start and end            '};
itsAMap.compact(); // Output: {'key2':'         just a String withs extras spaces en start and end            '}
itsAMap.trim(); // Output: {'key2':'just a String withs extras spaces en start and end'}

Map mapNumbers = {'key1':50,'key2':7,'key3':71,'key4':45,'key5':5};
// In reduceFunction you must check if `accumulated` is null and set a initial value for it
mapNumbers.reduce<int>((int accumulated, _, value) => (accumulated ?? 0) + (value as int)); // Output 178
mapNumbers.removeKeys(['key1','key5']); //{'key2':7,'key3':71,'key4':45}
mapNumbers.removeKeysExcept(['key3']); //{'key3':71}
var item = await anyMap.putIfAbsentAsync('randomKey', () async {
        await Future.delayed(Duration(milliseconds: 1500));
        return 'Random Value';
if (mapNumbers.containsKeys(['key1','key2'])) {
  print('The map contians all keys [key1, key2]');