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A tool to simplify development in a dart multi-package repository.

Currently, it supports following commands:

print command

run command

update-flutter-sdk command


Activate moronepo:

pub global activate moronepo

or prepend each command with flutter if used:

flutter pub global activate moronepo

Now it should be possible to run moronepo:

moronepo [--filter <filter>] [--project <name>] [--working-directory <path>] <command>

where filter is a comma-separated list of filters hasTests,isFlutter,isRoot. Each filter can be negated by preceding it with a !, for example !isFlutter.

You can also follow how to set up a global command
to make it available as a regular shell command by appending PATH.

moronepo print

or creating an alias instead:

alias moronepo="flutter pub global run moronepo"

moronepo print
moronepo print

run command

moronepo run <command>

For example:

moronepo run pub get

update-flutter-sdk command

Specifying environment.flutter in pubspec.yaml:

name: project
  flutter: ">=1.10.0 <1.11.0"

and then running:

moronepo update-flutter-sdk

forces an update to the Flutter SDK to the latest version within those constraints.