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Internationalized material style dialog for picking a single month from an infinite list of years. This package makes use of the intl package and flutter's i18n abilities to provide labels in all languages known to flutter.

Setting up an internationalized app: the flutter localization package

How to use it:

Just add showMonthPicker() inside your button function like a normal date picker dialog (context parameter is required):

since 0.6.0 initialDate isn't required anymore!


    onPressed: () {
        context: context,
        ).then((date) {
        if (date != null) {
            setState(() {
            selectedDate = date;
    child: Icon(Icons.calendar_today),

Parameters list:

There are other parameters to configure on the dialog if you want:

initialDate is the initially selected month.

firstDate is the optional lower bound for month selection.

lastDate is the optional upper bound for month selection.

selectableMonthPredicate lets you control enabled months just like the official selectableDayPredicate.

monthStylePredicate and yearStylePredicate properties allow passing a different style for each month or year.

capitalizeFirstLetter lets you control if your months names are capitalized or not.

headerColor lets you control the calendar header color.

headerTextColor lets you control the calendar header text and arrows color.

selectedMonthBackgroundColor lets you control the current selected month/year background color.

selectedMonthTextColor lets you control the text color of the current selected month/year.

unselectedMonthTextColor lets you control the text color of the current unselected months/years.

backgroundColor lets you control if the dialog will have a custom background color.

confirmWidget lets you set a custom confirm widget.

cancelWidget lets you set a custom cancel widget.

customHeight lets you set a custom height for the calendar widget (default is 240).

customWidth lets you set a custom width for the calendar widget (default is 320).

yearFirst lets you define that the user must select first the year, then the month.

dismissible lets you define if the dialog will be dismissible by clicking outside it.

roundedCornersRadius lets you define the Radius of the rounded dialog (default is 0).

animationMilliseconds lets you define the speed of the page transition animation (default is 450).

hideHeaderRow lets you hide the row with the arrows + years/months page range from the header, forcing the user to scroll to change the page (default is false).



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Gian Bettega

Dimitri Krivoj (the original creator of the package)

Fabio Henrique