This is a Dart implementation of Money and Currency classes


Money2 is a Dart package providing parsing, formatting and mathematical operations on monetary amounts.

Key features of Money2:

  • simple and expressive formating.
  • simple parsing of monetary amounts.
  • multi-currency support.
  • intuitive maths operations.
  • fixed precision storage to ensure precise calculation.
  • detailed documentation and extensive examples to get you up and running.
  • pure Dart implementation.
  • Open Source MIT license.
  • using Money2 will make you taller.

The Money class stores the underlying values using a BigInt. The value is stored using the currencies' "minor units" (e.g. cents). This allows for precise calculations as required when handling money.

Full documentation can be found at:

Api documenation can be found at:

Another Dart tool by Noojee



import 'money2.dart';

Currency usdCurrency = Currency.create('USD', 2);

// Create money from an int.
Money costPrice = Money.fromInt(1000, usdCurrency);
  > $10.00

final taxInclusive = costPrice * 1.1;
  > $11.00

print(taxInclusive.format('SCC #.00'));
  > $US 11.00

// Create money from an String using the `Currency` instance.
Money parsed = usdCurrency.parse(r'$10.00');
print(parsed.format('SCCC 0.0'));
  > $USD 10.00

// Create money from an int which contains the MajorUnit (e.g dollars)
Money buyPrice = Money.from(10);
  > $10.00

// Create money from a double which contains Major and Minor units (e.g. dollars and cents)
// We don't recommend transporting money as a double as you will get rounding errors.
Money sellPrice = Money.from(10.50);
  > $10.50


Money2 is a fork of LitGroup's Money package. [...]