An animated bottom navigation bar with a lot of attributes to teak and have fun with ✔🚀


Getting Started

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  molten_navigationbar_flutter: ^0.0.1

Import the package

import 'package:molten_navigationbar_flutter/molten_navigationbar_flutter.dart';

How to Use

You can use it in the scaffold's bottomnavigationbar, or anywhere you would like! Just call the MoltenBottomNavigationBar widget and provide the tabs, onTabChange and selectedIndex attributes. The rest of the attributes are optional

   bottomNavigationBar: MoltenBottomNavigationBar(
      selectedIndex: _selectedIndex,
      onTabChange: (clickedIndex) {
        setState(() {
          _selectedIndex = clickedIndex;
      tabs: [
          icon: Icon(,
          icon: Icon(Icons.home),
          icon: Icon(Icons.person),

MoltenBottonNavigationBar's Attributes

barHeightdoublespecify a Height for the bar, Default is kBottomNavigationBarHeight
domeHeightdoublespecify a Height for the Dome above tabs, Default is 15.0
domeWidthdoubleIf domeWidth is null, it will be set to 100
domeCircleColorColorIf a null value is passed, the domeCircleColor will be Theme.primaryColor
domeCircleSizedoubleThe size of the inner circle representing a seleted tab. Note that domeCircleSize must be less than or equal to (barHeight + domeHeight)
marginEdgeInsetsSpacing around the bar
barColorColorspecify a color to be used as a background color, Default is Theme.bottomAppBarColor
tabsListList of MoltenTab, each wil have an icon as the main widget, selcted color and unselected color
selectedIndexintThe currently selected tab
onTabChangeFunction(int index)callback function that will be triggered whenever a MoltenTab is clicked, and will return it's index.
curveCurveSelect a Curve value for the dome animation. Default is Curves.linear
durationDurationHow long the animation should last, Default is Duration(milliseconds: 150)
borderSizedoubleApplied to all 4 border sides, Default is 0
borderColorColorApplied to all border sides
borderRaduisBorderRadiusHow much each angle is curved. Note that high raduis values may decrease the dome width.

MoltenTab's Attributes

icondoublecan be any widget, preferably an icon
selectedColordoubleThe icon color when the tab is selected, White if not set
unselectedColordoubleThe icon color when the tab is not selected, Grey if not set


You can find an example here