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Framework for modularizing and reusing not only Flutter widgets, but also models, pages, and the app itself.

The framework itself has the following components.

Package Name Details
katana Package containing a collection of basic Dart utilities. It provides the base part of the Masamune framework.
katana_flutter Package containing a collection of basic Flutter utilities. It provides the base part of the Masamune framework.
katana_routing Package for routing. It supports page creation and page routing. And other extension methods of BuildContext.
katana_module Package that defines a base class for modularization. It defines abstract classes, etc. for use with the Masamune module.
model_notifier Package that makes it easy to define ValueNotifier as a model and improves the affinity with riverpod and freezed.
masamune Package that supports Flutter states and their transitions using the Model Notifier package and the Katana Routing package.
masamune_ui UI library using Masamune. Please be careful when using it normally, as it uses multiple external packages.
masamune_module Package in which various functions are modularized. The katana_routing routing system is used on the assumption that Riverpod is used.

The following plug-ins are additionally loaded depending on the functions used by the application.

Basically, you can pass the Adapter as a module to UIModuleMaterialApp to use additional functionality.

Package Name Details
katana_firebase Katana package that provides utilities for firebase. It initializes Firebase and so on.
firebase_model_notifier ModelNotifier package for Firebase. When you listen in Firestore, you can tell riverpod and others about the update.
masamune_firebase Module for supporting the Firebase/Firestore function of Masamune framework. It is also available on the web.
masamune_purchase Package to provide mobile billing functionality. It is equipped with functions to perform all billing on the client without server verification, etc.
masamune_purchase_firebase Plugin that extends the billing system plugin to the processing by the server (Firebase). Firebase Functions are required.



License: BSD


Package that defines and notifies the model.