DataFrame.fromRawCsv constructor

  1. String rawContent, {
  2. String fieldDelimiter = defaultFieldDelimiter,
  3. String textDelimiter = defaultTextDelimiter,
  4. String? textEndDelimiter,
  5. String eol = '\n',
  6. bool headerExists = true,
  7. Iterable<String> header = const [],
  8. String autoHeaderPrefix = defaultHeaderPrefix,
  9. Iterable<int> columns = const [],
  10. Iterable<String> columnNames = const [],

Creates a dataframe instance from stringified csv rawContent.

final rawContent =
  'column_1,column_2,column_3\n' +
  '100,200,300\n' +
  '400,500,600\n' +

final dataframe = DataFrame.fromRawCsv(rawContent);

print(dataframe.header); // (column_1, column_2, column_3)
print(dataframe.rows); // ((100,200,300), (400,500,600), (700,800,900))
print(dataframe.series.elementAt(0).data); // (100, 400, 700)
print(dataframe.series.elementAt(1).data); // (200, 500, 600)
print(dataframe.series.elementAt(2).data); // (300, 600, 900)

fieldDelimiter A delimiter which divides elements in a single row, , by default

textDelimiter A delimiter which allows to use fieldDelimiter character inside a cell of the resulting table, e.g. fieldDelimiter is ,, textDelimiter is ", and that means that every , symbol in rawContent which is not a field delimiter must be wrapped with "-symbol

eol The end of line character, \n by default

headerExists Whether the rawContent has a header line (list of column titles) or not

header A custom header line for a resulting csv table (if headerExists is false)

autoHeaderPrefix If there is no header line in the rawContent and no header provided, autoHeaderPrefix will be used as a prefix for autogenerated column titles

columns A collection of column indices that specifies which columns should be extracted from the raw data and placed in the resulting DataFrame. Has a higher precedence than columnNames

columnNames A collection of column titles that specifies which columns should be extracted from the raw data and placed in the resulting DataFrame. It's also can be used with auto-generated column names. The argument will be omitted if columns is provided


factory DataFrame.fromRawCsv(
  String rawContent, {
  String fieldDelimiter = defaultFieldDelimiter,
  String textDelimiter = defaultTextDelimiter,
  String? textEndDelimiter,
  String eol = '\n',
  bool headerExists = true,
  Iterable<String> header = const [],
  String autoHeaderPrefix = defaultHeaderPrefix,
  Iterable<int> columns = const [],
  Iterable<String> columnNames = const [],
}) =>
      fieldDelimiter: fieldDelimiter,
      textDelimiter: textDelimiter,
      textEndDelimiter: textEndDelimiter,
      eol: eol,
      headerExists: headerExists,
      header: header,
      autoHeaderPrefix: autoHeaderPrefix,
      columns: columns,
      columnNames: columnNames,