logging library


Levels to control logging output. Logging can be enabled to include all levels above certain Level. Levels are ordered using an integer value Level.value. The predefined Level constants below are sorted as follows (in descending order): Level.SHOUT, Level.SEVERE, Level.WARNING, Level.INFO, Level.CONFIG, Level.FINE, Level.FINER, Level.FINEST, and Level.ALL. [...]
Use a Logger to log debug messages. [...]
A log entry representation used to propagate information from Logger to individual handlers.


hierarchicalLoggingEnabled ↔ bool
Whether to allow fine-grain logging and configuration of loggers in a hierarchy. [...]
read / write
recordStackTraceAtLevel Level
Automatically record stack traces for any message of this level or above. [...]
read / write


LoggerHandler(LogRecord record) → void
Handler callback to process log entries as they are added to a Logger.