defaultProperties property

List<String> defaultProperties

The list of default property names of this object.

By default, a Query will fetch the properties in this list. You may specify a different set of properties by setting the Query.returningProperties value. The default set of properties is a list of all attributes that do not have the Column.shouldOmitByDefault flag set in their Column and all ManagedRelationshipType.belongsTo relationships.

This list cannot be modified.


List<String> get defaultProperties {
  if (_defaultProperties == null) {
    final elements = <String>[];
        .where((prop) => prop.isIncludedInDefaultResultSet)
        .where((prop) => !prop.isTransient)
        .map((prop) =>;

        .where((prop) =>
            prop.isIncludedInDefaultResultSet &&
            prop.relationshipType == ManagedRelationshipType.belongsTo)
        .map((prop) =>;
    _defaultProperties = List.unmodifiable(elements);
  return _defaultProperties!;