ManagedEntity class

Mapping information between a table in a database and a ManagedObject object.

An entity defines the mapping between a database table and ManagedObject subclass. Entities are created by declaring ManagedObject subclasses and instantiating a ManagedDataModel. In general, you do not need to use or create instances of this class.

An entity describes the properties that a subclass of ManagedObject will have and their representation in the underlying database. Each of these properties are represented by an instance of a ManagedPropertyDescription subclass. A property is either an attribute or a relationship.

Attribute values are scalar (see ManagedPropertyType) - int, String, DateTime, double and bool. Attributes are typically backed by a column in the underlying database for a ManagedObject, but may also represent transient values defined by the instanceType. Attributes are represented by ManagedAttributeDescription.

The value of a relationship property is a reference to another ManagedObject. If a relationship property has Relate metadata, the property is backed be a foreign key column in the underlying database. Relationships are represented by ManagedRelationshipDescription.

Implemented types


ManagedEntity(String? _tableName, Type? instanceType, String? tableDefinition)
Creates an instance of this type..


attributes Map<String, ManagedAttributeDescription>
All attribute values of this entity.
getter/setter pair
defaultProperties List<String>
The list of default property names of this object.
no setter
hashCode int
Derived from this' tableName.
no setteroverride
instanceType Type?
The type of instances represented by this entity.
name String
The name of this entity.
no setter
primaryKey String?
Name of primary key property.
getter/setter pair
primaryKeyAttribute ManagedAttributeDescription
no setter
properties Map<String, ManagedPropertyDescription>
All properties (relationships and attributes) of this entity.
no setter
relationships Map<String, ManagedRelationshipDescription>?
All relationship values of this entity.
getter/setter pair
runtime ManagedEntityRuntime
Set of callbacks that are implemented differently depending on compilation target.
no setter
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
no setterinherited
symbolMap Map<Symbol, String>
A map from accessor symbol name to property name.
getter/setter pair
tableDefinition String?
The name of type of persistent instances represented by this entity.
tableName String
Name of table in database this entity maps to.
no setter
uniquePropertySet List<ManagedPropertyDescription?>?
Set of properties that, together, are unique for each instance of this entity.
getter/setter pair
validators List<ManagedValidator>
List of ManagedValidators for attributes of this entity.
getter/setter pair


document(APIDocumentContext context) APISchemaObject
documentComponents(APIDocumentContext context) → void
Tells this object to add its components to context.
identifyAttribute<T, U extends ManagedObject>(T propertyIdentifier(U x)) ManagedAttributeDescription
Returns an attribute in this entity for a property selector.
identifyProperties<T, U extends ManagedObject>(T propertiesIdentifier(U x)) List<KeyPath>
Returns a list of properties selected by propertiesIdentifier.
identifyProperty<T, U extends ManagedObject>(T propertyIdentifier(U x)) → KeyPath
Returns a property selected by propertyIdentifier.
identifyRelationship<T, U extends ManagedObject>(T propertyIdentifier(U x)) ManagedRelationshipDescription
Returns a relationship in this entity for a property selector.
instanceOf<T extends ManagedObject>({ManagedBacking? backing}) → T
Creates a new instance of this entity's instance type.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a nonexistent method or property is accessed.
setOf<T extends ManagedObject>(Iterable objects) ManagedSet<T>
toString() String
A string representation of this object.


operator ==(dynamic other) bool
Two entities are considered equal if they have the same tableName.