linkcheck library


Origin of a link. Contains information about the exact place in a file (URI) and some additional helpful info.


anchorFlag → const String
ansiFlag → const String
connectionFailuresAsWarnings → const String
debugFlag → const String
defaultUrl → const String
externalFlag → const String
helpFlag → const String
hostsFlag → const String
inputFlag → const String
redirectFlag → const String
skipFlag → const String
version → const String
versionFlag → const String


crawl(List<Uri> seeds, Set<String> hostGlobs, bool shouldCheckExternal, UrlSkipper skipper, bool verbose, bool ansiTerm, Stream stopSignal, Stdout stdout) Future<CrawlResult>
printStats(CrawlResult result, int broken, int withWarning, int withInfo, int withRedirect, bool showRedirects, bool ansiTerm, Stdout stdout) → void
reportForWriters(CrawlResult result, bool ansiTerm, bool shouldCheckAnchors, bool showRedirects, Stdout stdout) → void
Writes the reports from the perspective of a website writer - which pages reference broken links.
run(List<String> arguments, Stdout stdout) Future<int>
Parses command-line arguments and runs the crawl.