LibPhoneNumberPlugin class

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formatAsYouType(String phoneNumber, String isoCode) Future<String?>
formatAsYouType uses Google's libphonenumber input format as you type. Accepts phoneNumber and isoCode Returns Future<String>
getAllCountries() Future<List<String>?>
getAllCountries Returns all regions the library has metadata for.
getFormattedExampleNumber(String isoCode, PhoneNumberType type, PhoneNumberFormat format) Future<String?>
getFormattedExampleNumber Gets a valid number for the specified region, number type and number format. Accepts isoCode, PhoneNumberType, PhoneNumberFormat
getNumberType(String phoneNumber, String isoCode) Future<int?>
getNumberType get type of phone number Accepts phoneNumber and isoCode Returns Future<PhoneNumberType> type of phone number
getRegionInfo(String phoneNumber, String isoCode) Future<Map<String, dynamic>?>
getRegionInfo about phone number Accepts phoneNumber and isoCode Returns Future<RegionInfo> of all information available about the phoneNumber
isValidPhoneNumber(String phoneNumber, String isoCode) Future<bool?>
isValidPhoneNumber checks if a phoneNumber is valid. Accepts phoneNumber and isoCode Returns Future<bool>.
normalizePhoneNumber(String phoneNumber, String isoCode, [PhoneNumberFormat format = PhoneNumberFormat.E164]) Future<String?>
normalizePhoneNumber normalizes a string of characters representing a phone number Accepts phoneNumber and isoCode Returns Future<String>
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Static Methods

registerWith(Registrar registrar) → void