A Flutter Ledger App Plugin for the Algorand blockchain
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Ledger Nano devices are the perfect hardware wallets for managing your crypto & NFTs on the go. This Flutter package is a plugin for the ledger_flutter package to get accounts and sign transactions using the Algorand blockchain.

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Getting started


Install the latest version of this package via pub.dev:

ledger_algorand: ^latest-version

For integration with the Ledger Flutter package, check out the documentation here.


Create a new instance of an AlgorandLedgerApp and pass an instance of your Ledger object.

final app = AlgorandLedgerApp(ledger);


Get public keys

Depending on the required blockchain and Ledger Application Plugin, the getAccounts() method can be used to fetch the public keys from the Ledger Nano device.

Based on the implementation and supported protocol, there might be only one public key in the list of accounts.

final accounts = await app.getAccounts(device);

Signing transactions

You can easily sign transactions using the supplied LedgerApp.

Here is an example using the algorand_dart SDK:

final signature = await app.signTransaction(

final signedTx = SignedTransaction(
  transaction: event.transaction,
  signature: signature,

final txId = await algorand.sendTransaction(
    waitForConfirmation: true,


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The ledger_algorand SDK is released under the MIT License (MIT). See LICENSE for details.