io_utils library Null safety

Miscellaneous I/O utilities. This includes reading and writing binary data in a way that's interoperable with and, and support for using Pointycastle to encrypt or decrypt a stream of data, somewhat like javax.crytpo.CipherInputStream and javax.crypto.CypherOutputStream.

/// Example of using [DataOutputSink] and [DataInputStream] to
/// encode values that are compatible with ``
/// and ``
Future<void> data_io_stream_example() async {
  final file = File.fromUri(Directory.systemTemp.uri.resolve('test.dat'));
  final flushable = FlushingIOSink(file.openWrite());
  final out = DataOutputSink(flushable);
  out.writeUTF8('Hello, world.');
  await flushable.done;

  final dis = DataInputStream(file.openRead());
  print(await dis.readUTF8());
  await dis.close();
  await file.delete();


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A wrapper around a Sink<List<int>> that encrypts data using a Pointycastle BlockCipher. This sink needs to buffer to build up blocks that can be encrypted, so it's essential that close() be called. This is functionally similar to javax.crypto.CipherOutputStream
A wrapper around an IOSink that ensures that all data is flushed before the IOSink is closed. This is needed when an IOSink is being used with an API obeying the Sink contract, which includes close but not flush.

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