jinja library Null safety


The core component of Jinja 2 is the Environment. It contains important shared variables like configuration, filters, tests and others. Instances of this class may be modified if they are not shared and if no template was loaded so far.
Loads templates from the file system. This loader can find templates in folders on the file system and is the preferred way to load them:
Base abstract class for all loaders. Subclass this and override getSource, listSources and load to implement a custom loading mechanism.
Loads a template from a map. It's passed a map of strings bound to template names. This loader is useful for testing:
The central Template object. This class represents a compiled template and is used to evaluate it.


defaultFieldGetter(Object? object, String field) Object?
defaultFinalizer(Object? value) Object
defaultItemGetter(Object? object, Object? key) Object?


FieldGetter = Object? Function(Object? object, String field)
Finalizer = Object Function(Object? value)
ItemGetter = Object? Function(Object? object, Object? key)