Invoice Ninja

Create PDF invoices and accept payments in a Flutter app


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  • Accept online payment in mobile, web and desktop Flutter apps
  • Supports many payment gateways including Stripe, PayPal and more
  • Create professional PDF invoices
  • Includes a self-service client portal
  • Many more features...


  invoiceninja: ^0.0.10


import 'package:invoiceninja/invoiceninja.dart';

The package provides two main classes:

  • InvoiceNinja: Supports the public 'Storefront' routes which allow reading the list of products and creating/finding clients and invoices. Using this class works with restricted access to the account.
  • InvoiceNinjaAdmin: Supports the REST Admin API which uses token based security. Using this class requires an API token to access the account.

Storefront API


  'KEY', // Set your company key or use 'KEY' to test
  url: '', // Set your selfhost app URL
  debugEnabled: true,

Load the product list

final products = await InvoiceNinja.products.load();

Find the product by key

final product = await InvoiceNinja.products.findByKey('product_key');

Create/persist the client

var client = Client.forContact(email: '');
client = await;

Create/persist the invoice

var invoice = Invoice.forClient(client, products: [product]);
invoice = await;

Display the PDF invoice

  forceWebView: true,

Accept the payment

var invoiceKey = invoice.key;

// ...

final invoice = await InvoiceNinja.invoices.findByKey(invoiceKey);
if (invoice.isPaid) {
  // ...

You can use the WidgetsBindingObserver interface to run code when the app is resumed.

Consider giving issue #57536 a thumbs up to make this better in the future.

Admin API


  'TOKEN', // Set your API token or use 'TOKEN' to test
  url: '', // Set your selfhost app URL
  debugEnabled: true,

Find a client by email

final client = await InvoiceNinjaAdmin.clients.findByEmail(email);

Load all invoices

final payments = await InvoiceNinjaAdmin.payments.load();

Load the payments list

final payments = await InvoiceNinjaAdmin.payments.load();

Find a payment by id

final payment = await InvoiceNinjaAdmin.payments.findById(id);

Create/persist an invoice and auto-bill it

var invoice = Invoice.forClient(client, products: [product]);
invoice = await, action: InvoiceAction.autoBill);