formatCurDate function Null safety

String formatCurDate(
  1. {String format = 'MMDDYYYY',
  2. String divider = '/'}

Formats the local current date into a string.

Ex. output is "12/04/2019".

Can be given 'MM' 'DD' and 'YYYY' OR 'YY' in any order for format (ex. 'MMDDYY' 'YYYYDDMM' 'DDYYYYMM' 'MMDD' 'MMYYYY').

Can be given any divider (ex. '/' ':' '.').


String formatCurDate({String format = 'MMDDYYYY', String divider = '/'}) {
  var now =;
  return formatDate(date: now, format: format, divider: divider);